Cool Tools For Schools

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I have just come across the website Cool Tools For Schools here:

and am amazed by how good it is! It contains all the web2 sites that I have used and many many more.

It is organised in a really easy to use way under separate headings for each possible use as you can see in the screen shot.

What a brilliant site!

Cool Tools For Schools

Cool Tools For Schools


How to use widgets…

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So along the sidebars of a blog (columns on the left or right) are a varierty of ‘widgets’. These are a variety of nice extras that you can have which provide information or link to things.
This video shows you some of the things you can do and how to add widgets.

Simply put:
Go to Appearance
Click on Widgets
Select the widget you want and click add
Change the order on the sidebar by clicking and draging them up or down.
Click Save Changes

How to change the header…

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At the top of your blog will be an image. It is easy and effective to change this image reguarly!
Here is a video to show you how…

All you do is go to Appearance
Custom Image Header
Select your image
Click upload
Crop if needed (Image needs to be 736 x 229 pixels)
Click OK

How to change the theme

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A theme is a the preset settings effecting the appearance of your blog. There are lots of pre set themes that are avaliable. This video shows you how to select the best theme for your blog.

Simple you log in to your dashboard.
Click Appearance
Select Themes
To preview your blog in any of the themes just click on the title and it will load it.
Click activate to select or the x to close.

How to embed…

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Embedding just means to link from one website to another. It is a great way to put photos, videos and animations onto your blog.
This how to is a longer video showing how to embed from 3 of my favourite (free) websites:
– a simple way of inserting pictures to music and adding captions or quizes
– a great way of uploading and putting your own videos onto a blog
– simmilar to photo peach but makes more professional looking videos using your own images. To get the full edition you need to register for an educators account.

Here’s the video…

How to insert an image

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Once you have written your post it is also possible to insert a variety of media into it. This video shows you how to insert a picture or image into a post:

Simple write a post as usual
Then click on the sun like image that says ‘add media’ when you hold your mouse over it.
Then click on select file
Choose your image or file
Click ‘insert into post’
And you are done!

How to leave a comment

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Once a post is written anyone in the world can post a comment on it!
There is a video I have made showing how here:

Simply under the post it will say ‘No comments yet’ or ‘2 comments’ etc depending on how many comments there are and you click there.
You need to enter your name, an email address and the word in blue below.
Then type your comment
Click ‘Submit comment’

As the administrator you then need to approve the comment.
Log in as to type a post
Then under the ‘comments’ heading on the left hand side click where it says ‘1’ meaning there is a new comment.
Click approve.

This should then be viewable.